Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 2: To Present or to Write?

Calling All Educators!!
     To present or to write an article is the question. I have pondered this question for many hours. This week has actually been a good week to discover my answer. Last Friday night the school I where I teach provided a free Science Fun night for the students and families. There was 275 students that showed up with their families. The presenter was from the company "Mad Science". After the big science presentation, students and families split up and went to the different science station. I volunteered to conduct one of the science stations. I was given a paper that gave me a high school rendition of the experiments and a 10 minute training. I quickly put together a lesson plan and decided to let loose and have fun. That is exactly what I did. At 9:30 pm, I finished up the last rotation of students. I received many compliments on my presentation from students, parents, and administration. I took that information and thought about when I conducted professional development. I realized that I love presenting. Therefore, I will present my CBR project.


  1. Jonnie,
    Wow, great for you! I am very jealous that you are comfortable enough to stand in front of people and present. And what a way to find out how much you enjoyed the presentation aspect. A science fun favorite subject! I would love to be a part of the audience that is there to hear you present your project. I've always enjoyed listening to your ideas in class.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Wonderful experiment on being able to share without worry or being overly self-conscious about possible errors. Wonderful.