Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAC Week 1: Comment to Berengaria's Leadership Blog

This was a great video that Berengaria posted in her blog. Jane McGonigal explains why gaming is important for our future.

This is Berengaria's original blog.

So, I don’t see anyone doing exactly what I want to do. I don’t teach in a classroom, sometimes I train people but most of the time I organize training. I do unofficial training all the time as I’m the de facto tech person. I have more of an interest in taking boring lessons/training and making them interesting and interactive. I don’t think I would care to work in the public school system, maybe not even a college. I like the idea of edutainment and gaming in education. That’s why I chose Jane McGonigal. Her talk for TED is interesting and fun. I like what she is doing and I am interested. I’m getting her book, looking to get involved with the gaming educator network she’s involved in, and when I have more time, I’m going to work on adding gaming skills to my toolbox. I like innovators and experimenters. I’m always looking for people who are doing interesting things to see if I can incorporate any of it into what I’m doing. Monday, March 5th is the start of SXSW (south by southwest) Education Conference in Austin and Monday is dedicated to gaming. Plus there are numerous workshops on gaming in the classroom. I’m disappointed that I can’t go but we have a report to do all week for our federal funders. Oh well, maybe next year.

This is Berengaria's original blog. 

It looks like you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Gaming is an incredible piece of education as Jane McGonigal explained in her video. Teachers, schools and parents have only scratched the surface. I was a little disappointed that we could not do more with gaming in our gaming course. Although, I did learn that gaming is a completely different field. I smiled when you wrote “…taking boring lessons and making them interesting and interactive”. I applaud you for aspiring to do a wonderful thing for learners. This was a wonderful post. By the way, thank you so much for embedding the video. It was wonderful and a great eye opener.
Keep smiling!

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