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MAC Week 4: Comment to Stephanie's Post

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Stephanie's original post:

MAC Week 4: Reading Post

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from cover to cover with the exception of the chapter entitled...becoming the board.  This chapter made me feel so conflicted with accepting that you are a part of what happens in your life instead of being a victim.  I can see this being true or okay was somethings.  There is the phrase "people cause their own drama" but I don't believe that this applies to all situations.  Sometimes bad things can just happen.
In my continued reading, the story of the artist Alice Kahana really pulled at my heartstrings.  Anyone can think about what they have seen in movies and pictures about the situation she was in with her little brother, but when I had just graduated high school I went backpacking through Europe and my friend and I chose to visit both Auschwitz while in Poland.  I can only imagine how that last thing that she said to her brother changed her "vision" after going to that place.  It is a moment in my life that I would never forget.
At the end of that same chapter (11), the words Marianne Williamson wrote made me cry.  That is being printed and going not only in my classroom but in a frame in each of my children's rooms to remind them that they need to shine.

My response to her post.


This book was a wonderful reading. I have gone back to reread some chapters and I want to apply these thought processes in my life. Becoming the Board is a not just a difficult concept but rather a confusing one. I agree with you that sometimes bad things just happen. When this happens it is important that we go through the healing process. Having been a victim of a violent crime many years ago I learned not to focus on being the victim of the crime but rather the survivor. The victim is just the legal term of people in a situation. Choosing to live life as a victim leads to the downward spiral. Choosing to be the survivor leads to being part of the board, accepting what has happened and move forward. The words from Marianne Williamson are strong and so powerful. I didn't think about putting that in my daughter's room. That is a fabulous idea! 

I truly enjoyed reading your blog. I would like to thank you for writing it. 

Keep smiling!

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