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MAC Week 3: Comments to Stephanie's Reading Post

Stephanie's original post...

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Rule Number 6: Letting go and realizing that everything doesn't need to be so serious.  For me, this is the hardest thing to think about.  I immediately think of my many to do lists with school, family, kids' schedules...Then I think what if I didn't take everything so seriously?  Would everything fall apart?  I'm always told how I'm the one who has it together, and the one that everyone relies on.  So if I didn't take things as seriously would I still be that person?  My calculating self feels like the one in control most of the time and to answer the question; What would have to change for me to be completely fulfilled?  That is one that I think will need to be discovered on a quiet day when I can be by myself.
The other chapter that strikes home is The Way Things Are. One of my favorite phrases is Its All Good.  My husband has even told me that when he hears that phrase, he gets a sense of calm even at his most stressful situations.  Growing up, I always had anxiety issues.  My elementary guidance counselor was a great resource for me.  He taught me to look at what was in the "right now" not "what if."  That is still one of my most un-liked phrases---and is barred from my classroom!

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My response to her post...

I know that you have two comments already but when you wrote that you had anxiety when you were young it really hit my heart. My daughter suffers from anxiety and she is learning the tough lessons about the "What if" question. There are a lot of great sayings in this book that I can truly testify. Letting go does not mean letting it all go, but rather, "Don't sweat the small stuff" or "Keep calm and carry on". There are things you can do something about and the rest of it is...well, "It is what it is" and you get to move on with your day and your life. You are amazingly gifted and I wish you were teaching right next door to me. I can't wait to read your article. 

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