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MAC Week 1: Comment to Kimberly's Reading Post

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The following is Kimberly's original post.

Week 1: MAC Reading Post

Copyright issues, and why my butt is scared!!
Wow, so plagiarism and copyright issues has become something of a topic on campus at my school. Trying to teach the children about these topics has become somewhat of a challenging task, and now that I've seen the copyright videos, I'm not sure whether I'm more or less comfortable with what I've shared with my students so far and how to continue on.
The duration of copyright was somewhat news to me, I've always wondered once something has been copyrighted, how long does this actually last for? This is a question that I actually have been asked by my students, so it's nice to have a definitive answer now.
It seemed to me at first that there was a lot of elasticity to the whole idea of fair use. However, after hearing our instructor's explanation of it and it's "narrow loophole" i began to understand it much better. The use of the cartoon movie to explain it was extremely helpful, once I was halfway through it I felt as though I really had a grasp on the concept. Creative ways to teach these types of ideas makes all the difference in the world to me. And who doesn't love Disney movies?!?
Creative Commons was taught to me early on in this degree program. I guess I have used it in the past, but never realized that there was actually a name behind the practice. I think it's a great way to be able use materials and also pay homage to the person who created it through giving them credit.

This is my comment on Kimberly's blog post.

I teach second grade and most definitely introduce the word "copyright" and its definition. I taught them this concept when they were working on a research paper. At the same time they were working on this project, they were working on their second grade music program. In music class, one of the students raised his hand and, when called upon, he told the music teacher that he didn't think they could do this music program. The teacher asked why and he proceeded to tell her that "he and the other students" did not have copyright permissions. She then explained why it was okay for them to do the music program and how they have copyright permission. 
     I too, feel more confident about understanding copyright laws and I wish that more people took the time to learn why these laws are important. This was a great post Kim. 

Keep smiling!

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