Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAC Week1: Leadership Role Model

She Must Really Love What She Does

     Many of you are not going to anything about this person that I am going to introduce to you. The person I look at as a great role model in the education field is Dr. Cathy Burden, Superintendent ofUnion Public Schools in Tulsa, OK. I could give you the list of honors and awards that she has received but I feel that it is more important for me to tell you why I feel she is a great example of a phenomenal leader. 
     Dr. Burden is not a superintendent that people fear or run away from. She wants to hear everyone's opinions and help people through challenges. This includes parents, teachers, and, most of all, students. She does nothing to promote herself but she receives great honors and awards because she does so much for others. Dr. Burden makes it a point to make herself seen in the 13 elementary schools, 6th and 7th Grade Center, 8th Grade Center, I-High (soon to be the Freshman Academy), and the High School. It is not all about football at our school even though we have an amazing football team and sports arena. Students are encouraged to take part in any interests. If Union does not have a club or class for it, there will be soon. Our band department is amazing and has received many awards. The theater arts department puts on musicals and plays that are well known in the community and quickly sell out during performances. Science and math is highly important including exemplary classes and clubs. Technology is encouraged and continuously updated. High school students can take courses online through the schools online classes. Our school continues to succeed because Dr. Burden has a vision that never comes to a stopping point. I honestly do not believe that she does not ever sleep. There is no way one person could accomplish so much in such little time. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Burden and Union Public Schools follow the links below. 

Keep smiling!

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  1. Great description of what a great leader does and enables others to do. Wonderful, thanks for sharing this person.