Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 2 MAC Comments to Kimberly's Blog

Encouraging other's dreams.

Kimberly's Original Post: 

I really enjoyed the section about inventing yourself as a contribution, and even posted the steps in my classroom and it’s been a powerful thing:

1.     Declare yourself to be a contribution
2.     Throw yourself into life as someone who makes a difference, accepting that you may not understand how or why.

A lot of my students are lacking confidence and I am always looking for new ways to find to let them know that they are important, and that their thoughts are meaningful, and THEY are meaningful, that they have a place in this world! Chapter 4 really just fell right in where I have been trying to go with this and I have really enjoyed learning things like this throughout this program. Things that I can take immediately back to my classroom and see it make in impact instantly. The students get a kick out of me sharing stuff from my Master’s program with them, and allowing them to be involved and learn through the different things that I have been doing.

My Response to her Post:

I too loved this book and found it difficult to put it down. I definitely want my daughter to read this book as well. It is wonderful that you put up a poster with those two sayings. The age you teach is an emotionally difficult age. I love it when teachers encourage their students, especially middle school students, to be positive and understand they are important. You are a great contributor to your students and in turn, you are teaching them by example to be a great contributor too. As always, keep smiling.    

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