Sunday, March 4, 2012

MAC Week 1: Wimba Archive

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

     This month is going to be fast and furious. It will be important to stay up with all of the activities, especially the due dates.  I think the blogs are going to be pretty exciting. I have enjoyed reading other blog post and learning what my fellow cohorts are accomplishing. It was helpful for Professor Joe to go through the CBR information and explain what is due this month and next month. It is going to be a challenge writing a 120 word Abstract on my Literature Review, “Just the facts”. The Leadership Project scared me at first. I am still a bit afraid but it is nice to know that all I have to do is complete and submit some applications.  I am not very good at writing at all. So, I think a presentation would fit me much better. I will think about it a little bit more before I make my final decision.  Thank you Professor Bustillos. It was a great and informational Wimba. 

Keep smiling!

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  1. Great summary and I'm sure that you are going to great with all of the assignments.