Saturday, April 2, 2011

BP2_Little Birdtales

For the last few days, I have been researching different Web 2.0 tools that I can use in my classroom. One of my favorites that I discovered is the site Little Birdtales. It is free to become a member. I joined as a teacher and set up my class. I was even able to put each students name under my class list. I created a project or tale (as it is referred to on the site) to explore the difficulty of using the site. It was not difficult at all! Students can draw their on pictures on regular paper and write a story to go with it. The most difficult part will be uploading pictures to the computer. When pictures are uploaded, then the student can go to the Little Birdtales web site and type in the story to go along with their pictures. Students can record themselves reading the story. Not only that, but after the project is completed, students can automatically email it to their parents. Click on the link and look at the short story that I created. A Story by Jonnie Raye

Also, I encourage you to check out the site. There are some wonderful demos to watch. Little Birdtales

Keep smiling,

Jonnie Raye

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  1. Jonnie,
    I love the ease of this tool. I also love that nothing needs to be imported or downloaded - just emailed when finished. thanks! My students will love this one.