Sunday, April 10, 2011


Okay, I searched and searched and searched for another Web 2.0 tool that I can use in my classroom. I found some that I liked but one really made me smile. It was so much fun. The site is Zimmer Twins
This site is so wonderfully creative. It reminds me of something off of the Disney channel or Cartoon Network. So, after I signed up (which was free) I watched a 45 second clip about how to get started. I was a bit concerned about how long it would take to create a cartoon movie, but it was so easy.  I clicked on Create a Movie. Then, many choices of characters, places for them to go and actions for them to do popped up on the next screen.

Clicking on a bubble slide allows you to type the text in the bubble for the cartoon. 
Slides keep going as long as you want for the movie to continue.  Here I put in my character crowd surfing.

Know  my character is  very dizzy. What will happen next?

                                       You guessed it CRASH!!
All of the actions and slides come with sounds. There are no voices in these cartoon movies but I think that is great because students will need to read the bubbles. If students cannot think of their own story to create they can choose from any of the story starters. The movies do go by quickly so I had to choose more slides with bubbles, but that was okay and it just added to the fun. This sight would work for just about any age group. I bet it would be great for any foreign language class. Also, I can join the VIP club for a small fee. I think I just might do that because it is so much fun! 

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